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How can I benefit from Marketing Services?

Marketing Services will not only grow your sales and give your business a trustworthy reputation but hiring a specialist allows you to focus on why you started your business - your passion. It can be challenging to juggle every aspect of a business, especially if you are doing it yourself - from finance to managing, operations to legal. With other areas of a business to focus on, it can evidently lead you to burn out, or even worse, you will question your decision of becoming a business owner. 

Do You Charge a Consulting Fee?

As many marketing agencies and specialists charge a consultation fee, Isabella Iadevaia does not

I understand how investing in your business can be costly - especially when success is at the end of the finish line. But consulting with business owners is not about "paying for my time"; it is about meeting potential clients face-to-face, building a foundation for partnership, and understanding how we can achieve your business goals together. 

How Do You Determine Whether A Marketing Strategy Has Been Successful or Not?

For different services, whether website design and maintenance, social media marketing, or direct marketing, different metrics can be used to determine the success of a marketing strategy.

Data and analytics are concrete proof of the success of a marketing strategy. Whether that be social reach and engagement metrics for your social media platforms or cost-per-click when evaluating how much you pay each time a customer clicks on your ad, Isabella Iadevaia will provide a monthly report on the success of the provided service.